About My Gaia - Legle Gaia
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About My Gaia

The What?


Our porcelain tableware is made of natural raw materials – clays, feldspar, quartz and kaolin. And, is highly sought after by the world’s best chefs and ultra lux hospitality establishments.


As natural raw materials are used in the composition of each piece, a small percentage will inadvertently bear miniscule imperfections following firing in kilns. Given the exacting standards and discernment of the super lux industry that demands perfection, sadly, some of these porcelain pieces are “underrated”.

The Why?


Because we borrow these natural raw materials from the earth, and, with each precious piece lovingly created by artisans, we refuse to condone the typical practice of dumping these non-decomposable “undervalued” creations in a landfill!


Instead, we use recycled glaze and small decals printed with ink waste to cover iron spots and imperfections – to give new life to each hand decorated piece.


Developing value that is passed on the consumer at accessible price points, and more importantly, encouraging everyone to reduce environmental impact!

The Way Forward

By making porcelain more sustainable

By celebrating the community of artisans, who intend to pass their skill sets to the young

By rallying YOU and friends of our planet to champion this cause

With open arms, LEGLE Gaia invites you to partake in ethical gifting and support our common purpose.